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1st Treat of the Season: No More Script Writing

’Tis the Season for Testing Treats. First up, no more script writing!

Test-script writing is tedious work, both creating scripts in the first place and maintaining them over time. Plus, typical testing systems require that different scripts be written for functional, performance and pen testing, compounding the problem.1st treat of the season: no more script writing

And yet test-script creation remains the critical path item in any software testing workflow, and thus a long-standing impediment to the entire software delivery workflow. This is simply a hairball stuck in the craw of devops.

Now for the treat: Auto-creation of scripts is available today because of AI-driven testing. Even better, AI-test creates better scripts than manual does, and it maintains them over time as scenarios and tested functionality changes. AI-driven testing has the details.

So enjoy this joyous season with more time on your hands: time to think, to collaborate, heck, time to leave the office at a decent hour.

From all of us at Appvance, Merry Testing!

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