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5 Test Automation Predictions for 2018

Predictions for the new year’s 5 big stories

Big changes began to occur in the test automation world last year, as CEO Kevin Surace detailed last week. But, the pieces are falling into place for much bigger changes in 2018. Here are Kevin’s predictions for the top five.

Big Changes Are Afoot in 2018
  1. AI test generation will permanently change the landscape.
    Hundred-fold improvement in productivity along with near 100% test coverage is just too much for anyone to ignore. Organizations will continue a mass migration to this technology, leading to the biggest and fastest change in how testing is performed since the advent of test automation thirty years ago.
  2. Open Source automation tools will continue their slow decline.
    Selenium and others are simply outdated for modern web architectures. Coders who add to these projects now have real jobs that occupy their time – and pay them. Few people have free time to dedicate to free tools, and users don’t have time to seek support from online communities when the tools fail. So open source automation continues to fall well behind the best of the commercial offerings.
  3. DevTestOps becomes a thing.
    Whether it’s Developers doing test or QA people, test is a key part of the DevOps culture. People finally admit it, whether or not the term changes from DevOps to DevTestOps.
  4. Outsourcing continues to fade back to insourcing.
    Enterprises outsourced manual QA tasks to save money. But with the advent of AI test generation, manual testing and scripting gets replaced and upgraded by AI, alleviating the need for outsourced resources. Adding to the pressure, DevOps requires collocated teams to gain the best productivity. Many offshore outsourcers began laying off thousands of QA testers in 2017. This will accelerate in 2018.
  5. Software Testing Budgets Finally Begin to Recede.
    Software QA budgets average over 40% of IT budgets. With AI test generation as a major driving force, along with devops and insourcing, costs will begin to come down in 2018, and drop each year for the foreseeable future.

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Happy New Year!