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2nd Treat of the Season: Complete Code Coverage

’Tis the Season for Testing Treats. Next up, 100% Code Coverage!

We know. We know. Even the best teams struggle to extend code coverage above 50%. It’s understandable, as developers pump-out new features in sprints that come like clockwork, inexorably expanding the volume of code needing to be tested.

Sadly, testing tools have barely made a dent in the problem because they haven’t slain the beast of tedious script writing, and therefore don’t allow test teams to get out from behind the 8-ball.

So it all comes down to the need for comprehensive test scripts. If the fleet of scripts don’t cover 100% of the code, code coverage will be lacking. And manual script creation and maintenance constitutes a Herculean task when it comes to comprehensiveness.

Now for the treat: Auto-creation of scripts is available today because of AI-driven testing. Plus, AI-driven testing creates better scripts than manual, and it maintains them over time as scenarios and tested functionality change. Most importantly, AI-driven automatic script creation easily accomplishes the Herculean task of 100% code coverage.

AI-driven testing has the details.

So enjoy this joyous season with the confidence that comes from complete code coverage.

From all of us at Appvance, Merry Testing!


This second post of the Testing Treats series follows 1st Treat of the Season: No More Script Writing.

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