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3rd Treat of the Season: User Driven Testing

’Tis the Season for Testing Treats.

Next up, test against your users’ actual experience!

Everyone knows that user experience is the be-all and end-all of market acceptance. Therefore, what users actually do should drive what gets tested. However, existing test-automation has made it nigh-on impossible to be intimate with user experience, let alone to automatically feed actual user activity into scripts, and therefore into test coverage.

Instead, testing tends to follow scripts and scenarios that are the invention of product managers and test engineers. Despite best intentions, these attempts at mimicking user experience are doomed to fail. There is simply no way for it to be otherwise, given the scale of user activity generated by any reasonably large application. In applications like that, which drive your company’s success or failure, real user activity is too voluminous and idiosyncratic to artificially replicate. In short, it is a big data challenge of the first order, one that’s ideally suited for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

’Tis the season, so now for the testing treat: An accurate log of user activity exists for every online system, and can now be used for data-driven testing. But this isn’t your father’s data-driven testing, where the sequences being tested are cooked up in the lab. No, this AI driven approach employs user logs to data-drive the testing.

The result is data-driven testing that embraces user intimacy, thereby assuring that your users’ actual experience always gets fully tested. Now for the cherry on top: AI driven testing assures complete test coverage for all user activity. If nothing else, that assures that you’ll have a quiet night, no matter how active your users are during the day.

AI-driven testing has the details.

So enjoy this joyous season with the confidence that comes from complete code coverage.

From all of us at Appvance, Merry Testing!


This third post of the Testing Treats series follows 2nd Treat of the Season: Complete Code Coverage and 1st Treat of the Season: No More Script Writing.

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