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4th Treat of the Season: Machine Learning

’Tis the Season for Testing Treats.

Next up, machine learning enables superhuman test creation!

Let’s face it, software test engineers are having a hard time keeping up with ever larger applications. As today’s apps grow in page count and complexity, the human task of understanding them becomes overwhelming. And yet, they must be understood and mapped in order to be fully tested.

Further, executing the mapping process is only half the challenge. The resultant application blueprint must be represented, stored and utilized, a sophisticated challenge all by itself.

Sadly, testing teams have been stuck with human-powered elbow grease as their motive force for mapping apps, with only a manually-maintained blueprint to show for their efforts. This inevitably results in incomplete and outdated mapping, and therefore in incomplete test coverage.

’Tis the season, so now for the testing treat: Machine learning (ML) is ideally suited for application mapping. An ML-based mapper can execute on its own, rooting around through navigation and user-flow paths, learning from those that work and those that don’t, even asking for help when it encounters a barrier, e.g., asking for the test data that will open up further pages. Implacable in its thoroughness, it leaves no page unexamined and unmapped.

The generated blueprints for large applications can be voluminous and complex. However, they are accurate, complete, current and easily accessible to other AI-based capabilities within AI-driven test creation. In short, ML-based mapping is a key enabler of the instant script creation that is the ultimate treat of AI-driven testing.

None of this is childhood fantasy. Thanks to the wonders of AI and the ingenuity of Appvance’s engineers, it is available today.

AI-driven testing has the details.

So enjoy this joyous season with the quality satisfaction that comes from a comprehensive and current understanding of the applications you are testing. It is a superpower that every test engineer can cheer.

From all of us at Appvance, Merry Testing!


This final post of the Testing Treats series follows three others.

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