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AI Test Generation Changes the Landscape

Testing in the age of artificial intelligence

When Appvance launched AI test generation, we knew we had a game changer. The idea was hatched as we watched testers spend time on mundane tasks, including manual testing and scripting. I say mundane because soon we will all look back and call those tasks mundane, a waste of human resources and time.

100 Brainpower per Person.

Repetitive tasks, such as driving a car, processing an insurance claim, identifying objects, and taking food orders are the first to be replaced or augmented by artificial intelligence. Why? Because they are easy to model. And so is functional testing, in certain categories.

With enough data, an AI system can create far better and more comprehensive tests than can humans, especially when real user logs are available as a big data set. There is simply no reason for a person to write or maintain scripts when AI can do it a thousand times faster, and produce a better result. While it all sounds a bit fantastical, enterprise teams are already seeing hundred-fold improvements in productivity, along with near 100% test coverage. It’s as if these testing teams are operating with 100 brainpower per person. That is just too much to ignore given the time and money to be saved, and the need to support an agile or DevOps culture.

One of my predictions for 2018 is that organizations will undertake a mass migration to AI test generation, leading to the biggest and fastest change in the QA world in the last 30 years. We are seeing this happen already, and are overwhelmed with clients asking to install, train, and run fast.

If your team is ready for an order of magnitude change, now is a great time to get a live demo on the calendar. Request yours today.