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AI Driven QA at a B2B Distributor


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Appvance customers are reaping the benefits of AI driven testing and have quantified results to show for it. Their newfound efficiency and improved quality is all the more important now that every company is grappling with the Corona Crisis.

Accordingly, I’m going to highlight these impressive case studies in a series of blog posts. First up is a major national autoparts distributor. This company needed to address their QA challenge, even as they geared up for tremendous growth in their application portfolio.

Leveraging Appvance IQ, they now have a vastly expanded QA program. Even better, it requires less than two FTEs because of AIQ’s AI powered productivity. A minimum of ten FTEs would be required if AIQ was not used.

One notable benefit: Changes are fully tested the day they appear in a build, something that was unthinkable before AIQ.

Read all about it in the case study, and then let’s talk about delivering similar results for your team.