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Announcement: Making DevOps Move Fast with Appvance UTP

Making DevOps Move Fast with Appvance UTP

The first unified test automation platform makes Continuous Delivery faster, cheaper and better

SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 19, 2016– Appvance is making DevOps move fast for enterprise development and QA teams with the introduction of Appvance UTP. Appvance UTP is the first and most comprehensive DevOps-driven software quality assurance (SQA) automation solution for enterprise software and application testing.

Many organizations are embracing DevOps to simplify and improve the app development process. Despite advances in Agile development, the typical approach to quality assurance (QA) automation and testing has not kept pace. Teams using legacy platforms quickly hit the “QA bottleneck” clogging release cycles and limiting DevOps effectiveness.

By unifying all tests with the advanced Appvance write-once methodology, Appvance UTP streamlines QA, dramatically improving productivity while maintaining test rigor and security. What’s more, Appvance UTP expands collaboration and communications between development, operations and QA teams. This makes the continuous integration and delivery of applications far faster than using siloed tools currently on the market.

“In order to stay competitive and improve ROI, today’s top organizations need to embrace a different approach to QA automation,” said Appvance CEO Kevin Surace. “The way we develop and deliver apps has changed dramatically in the last five-plus years, but QA hasn’t been given the technology to keep pace. We developed Appvance UTP to address this significant gap in QA automation, eliminate the old test silos, allow enterprises to achieve release and QA cycles measured in hours, and ultimately to build better and more secure apps.”

Download a copy of the announcementKey features of Appvance UTP include:

  • Appvance Designer – A new code-free recording environment for rapidly creating and automating complex data-driven use cases by creating easy-to-edit, ultra-low-brittleness scripts automatically.
  • Comprehensive unification of test automation – Unit, functional, performance, load, app-penetration, compatibility, database, DDoS, mobile and more, in one complete solution.
  • Works with legacy scripts and tools – Imports and runs existing scripts such as Selenium, Visual Basic, HTTP Archive (HAR), Perl, Groovy, Selenium RC, .NET, C#, PHP, Jruby, SoapUI, JMeter, Sahi, JUnit, Jython and others.
  • True Beginning-to-End testing – Tests the complete user experience because it takes into consideration all the nuances and variables of the client-side code, which is where a larger percentage of code resides today.
  • Automates every platform in the same test – UX driven or API driven tests, HTML5, Ajax, Thick Java Clients (Swing, AWT, SWT, Oracle Forms and Fusion), Windows thick client, mobile HTML5, mobile thick client and more.
  • Multiple deployment options – Run tests locally behind your firewall (on-prem), from the Appvance Cloud, Amazon AWS, RackSpace OpenStack, Azure, Savvis, IBM SoftLayer or any combination. Provides maximum flexibility in how you want to automate software testing.
  • Multiple workflows – Create automated tests inside or outside the Appvance platform in almost any DSL. Launch tests automatically from popular Continuous Integration (CI) tools or command line or REST calls or in the Appvance UI. Code or don’t code, Appvance supports workflows for every level of technical capability. Allows everyone, from Dev testers to QA, Ops or analysts to work together on the same platform.

Appvance UTP is expected to begin shipping in Q3 2016. A migration path will be provided to customers of Appvance PerformanceCloud (APC). For a comprehensive demonstration or to discuss how Appvance UTP can help you improve your DevOps and QA process, visit

About Appvance, Inc.
Appvance develops innovative solutions that help enterprises to modernize the way they deliver applications and measurably improve business results. Officially launched in 2012, Appvance was founded in part by Frank Cohen, who has been instrumental in defining how enterprises approach testing for over 30 years. The company’s newest solution, Appvance UTP, is the first unified test automation platform, making Continuous Delivery faster, cheaper and better. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and also has offices in Costa Rica and India. Recent investors include Javelin Ventures, Staenberg Ventures, Social Internet Fund, FundersClub, Three Bridges Ventures and HB Asset Management.

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