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Announcement: Appvance adds Database Testing to Unified Test Automation

Appvance adds Database Testing to Unified Test Automation

Easily create SQL tests and quickly run database functional and performance tests

Appvance, Inc., the leader in DevOps unified testing and test automation has introduced the Appvance SQL Engine that provides database testing within the Appvance platform. Developers, database administrators (DBAs) and testers can now use the Appvance DevOps test platform to test database functionality and performance in Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostGreSQL and Derby DB.

The deep and rich feature set includes the ability to validate data mapping, ACID properties, data integrity, schema accuracy, database performance and performance under load and server performance. Testers can get complete data on database server performance, including CPU, memory, I/O, storage and other metrics to help them rapidly identify areas for improvement and optimize their database structure, setup, schema, caching strategies, federated database configurations, DBMS and overall performance.

“Testing the functionality and performance of a database has always been a specialty area,” said Appvance CEO, Kevin Surace. “Targeting a true agile workflow, Appvance has advanced the ease of creating and running automated tests such that database testing will always be part of the test run at each and every build.”

The latest release also provides industry-leading support for cloud and agile development. A real-time analytics dashboard that enables users to quickly isolate and eradicate bottlenecks and issues while tests are running is a transformative breakthrough. Through Appvance’s Live Active Virtual Users real-time analytics dashboard, Appvance helps test teams isolate issues as they happen, down to the millisecond, as well as pause and resume while making changes.

About Appvance Inc.
Appvance provides the only DevOps unified automated test platform. Built from the ground up with agile and cloud services in mind, Appvance offers true Beginning-to-End data-driven unified functional, performance, compatibility, and synthetic APM testing, enabling users to quickly uncover client-side and server-side issues in a fraction of the time of traditional testing solutions. The Appvance platform drives quality and velocity for DevOps-oriented or traditional development shops, showing 5x to 10x overall productivity improvements over siloed QA tools. Founded in 2012 by a team of experienced industry veterans, Appvance is a venture-backed company headquartered in San Jose, CA, funded by Staenberg Ventures, Social Internet Fund, FundersClub, Three Bridges Ventures and HB Asset Management. Learn more at Follow Appvance on Twitter and on Facebook.

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