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Announcement: launches Appvance IQ

The first AI driven, unified test automation system

Sunnyvale, CA: announced today the launch of Appvance IQ, the industry’s first AI driven, unified test automation system. Appvance IQ delivers transformational productivity gains in test creation and execution via AI scripting and codeless test creation, and through unified functional, performance and security testing. It builds on Appvance’s deep work in unified test automation, notably adding AI scripting to create Appvance IQ.

Comments about Appvance IQ

Tony Rems, CTO of Hero Digital commented: “Automated testing can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive, which is why Appvance IQ is so appealing. Its ability to slash the labor for software testing is transformative, both in how testing gets staffed by us and our clients, and in the increased level of the quality that gets delivered.”

Chris DeAcosta, Senior Director of Software Engineering at SiriusXM commented: “I want to enable quality at speed, building confidence across the infrastructure. So, we originally found Appvance IQ because it is pound for pound the best load and performance test automation system on the market. We are now strategically planning to use its AI scripting, which has the potential to take us to the next level within our SDLC.”

Appvance CEO Kevin Surace commented: “We pioneered unified test automation, which delivers a three-fold productivity boost to QA, and we pioneered codeless test creation, which delivers a ten-fold productivity boost. Now we’re delivering AI scripting, which delivers a thousand-fold productivity boost to QA. The result isn’t just transformational productivity boost, but also vastly better quality delivered to ops and to users.”

Appvance IQ Highlights

  • Easy to Adopt: Appvance IQ runs native scripts from other automation (e.g., Selenium, Loadrunner, JMeter, etc.) and snaps in to DevOps toolchains.
  • Continuous Testing: Appvance IQ connects with adjacent DevOps tooling to enable continuous testing. New builds automatically trigger tests for seamless DevTestOps.
  • Run Anywhere: Appvance IQ works on-prem, in any cloud, or in hybrid.
  • Test Creation transformed: Appvance IQ includes two test creation modules, one designed for new functionality, the other for regression testing — automatic regression testing.
  • Unified Testing: Appvance IQ’s unique write-once capability allows a single script to execute a wide variety of tests across functional, unit, performance, load, and security testing.
  • Automatic Regression Testing: AI Scripting plus Continuous Testing equals Automatic Regression Testing, and only Appvance IQ has it. Further, the combo of instant script creation and complete coverage that is true to real user activity, and that’s then run through unified testing, makes Automatic Regression Testing the best possible regression testing.