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Scenario Manager

Create and execute complex
real-world test scenarios in minutes.

Unified Testing

Virtually any test can be repurposed for use with another test type. So each script can drive functional, performance and security tests.

Incorporate Human or AI Created Tests

Scenarios can utilize tests from Test Designer and from AI Scripting, allowing test scenarios to achieve maximum coverage.

Surfaces more security risks than standard white-hat tests

Use Scenario Manager to create real-world tests that include unlimited scripts or use cases in series within test cases, and then unlimited test cases in parallel. You can also link scripts and use cases to create complex dynamic user scenarios and create test cases from snippets of unit tests, automatically passing along session ID and cache (for example).

Multiple Scenarios in Series or Parallel

Run multiple scenarios in series or parallel and include different script types or applications under test all within the same scenario. By creating “small” use case snippets, you can have re-usable elements (such as Login and Buy and Logout) connected together seamlessly, supporting automation best practice and enabling linking and changing of micro use cases. Should the application-under-test change, one small script can be adjusted rather than entire use cases.

Validate Anything –
On Any Page, At Any Time

Appvance IQ automatically validates all steps, but also uniquely enables the placement of complex validations (such as size or value or existence, for example) in the test Scenario, separated from the “script” use case. This makes validation quick, without writing code or dealing with the old “asserts” methods, and allows all scripts to be reusable across multiple test types, as they are no longer tied to specific validations.

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