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Slide FT Unit & Functional Testing Appvance IQ makes functional, smoke
and unit testing fast, easy and accurate.

Data Driven Testing

Easily data-drive all test with a simple zero-code UI. Data-drive UX and API level tests, and even share data between them, all without writing a line of test code.

Run tests at UX, API, or both together

Test functionality at the UX or API level, or both together.
Further, utilize your favorite Domain Specific Language
(Selenium, Java, C#) at either level.

Series or Parallel

Run functional tests in series or massively parallel, depending on your needs and/or resources.

Continuous Testing

Appvance IQ integrates with your DevOps tooling so you can employ continuous testing. CI tools like Jenkins, Hudson and Bamboo work out of the box with Appvance IQ.

Easy Sophistication

With advanced element-level comparisons, checksum analysis, page comparisons and virtually any checkpoint, functional and regression testing has never been faster and more complete. Capture code, images and videos of pages with errors, use the advanced Object Library to rapidly re-assign thousands of elements in hundreds of use cases when something changes in the app design. Flag a variety of errors automatically, gather crucial response times even during functional tests, and keep page snapshots (or videos) when errors occur.


Unit Testing

Rapidly test your part of the code prior to integration. Run test cases in series or parallel and quickly get Pass/Fail results.

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