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Appvance Releases Integration Competitive Evaluation Guide Results


Announcement: Appvance Releases Integration Competitive Evaluation Guide Results

Compares MuleSoft, Red Hat, Spring Boot, and TIBCO on Performance and Productivity

Sunnyvale, CA, July 24, 2018 –, the leader in AI-based software test technology, announced today the completion of a ground-breaking study comparing the performance and costs of leading integration, serverless and microservices platforms. These include offerings from MuleSoft, Red Hat, Spring Boot, and TIBCO. For every organization building and integrating microservices or functions, the Integration Knowledge Kit shows detailed results of each company’s technologyimplementation on the same project. The report highlights the time taken at each phase of the project, along with the strengths and challenges encountered for each approach.

“The Integration Knowledge Kit is very helpful for both senior management and developers. Executives can use the kit to help understand the factors that make up the true cost of potential integration technologies before investing,” said Frank Cohen, founder, Appvance, “and developers can use the open source code to jumpstart their projects.”

Along with the summary report, a complete, free technical Knowledge Kit is now available to help companies conduct their own comparisons. The kit enablesorganizations to improvedeveloper productivity and application performance, in addition to offering the following:

  • Ideal lessons and patterns for building highly scalable integration, serverless, container architecture, and AWS Lambda functions;
  • Comparisons of developer productivity and performance;
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) financial model;
  • Systematic, simple way to understand and implement effective tests of apps; and
  • Developer journals for each implementation, showing the problems encountered and workarounds, including free source code of developers’work made available under an open source license.

“This is the fourth iteration of the Knowledge Kit, but this revision was particularly interesting. This time around we leveraged modern development approaches like iPaaS, microservices, serverless and AWS Lambda, and the results this year are quite decisive,”said Cohen.“It is worth downloading the kit to view the differences and enable your company to make smarter decisions.”

While Appvance primarily provides companies with technology and services that test and improve app performance and security, the company has also leveraged their technology for similar industry studies.

The kit is available now, free of charge, at

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