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Are AI Generated Tests Right For You?

Are AI Generated Tests Right For You?

AI test generation has been available since 2017. Many thousands of tests run, maybe millions of bugs found, that otherwise would not have been found. But is it right for your team?

Here is a great and fun simple checklist to see.
Go ahead, take the quiz!

  1. My team is finding all the bugs we need to (if TRUE – you don’t need AI testing)
  2. I am scared of AI test generation (Contact us and we will help you be unscared)
  3. I would like to release with more bugs and let our customers find them (AI is not for you)
  4. We have too much work (AI is perfect for you!)
  5. We don’t want to learn anything new (Really???? Then AI Testing is not for you)
  6. We are so happy just writing our selenium scripts (I don’t believe you)
  7. We need more coverage (AI generated tests are PERFECT for that!)
  8. We need to go faster (AI generated tests are PERFECT for that!)
  9. We need to validate specific results in our apps (AI generated tests are PERFECT for that!)
  10. Our app is so different it probably won’t work (Is that a bet? Contact us and let’s talk about it)
  11. I don’t believe all this AI hype (You shouldn’t, because most vendors who say “AI” are not being truthful. But for Appvance…just read our AI patents)
  12. I am smarter than any AI (Probably true. But you cannot write 5000 legit data driven scripts in 10 minutes. A machine can)
  13. I don’t want to contact you (You may have a deep psychosis)
  14. I don’t want AI testing in our company (that’s fine. Please connect us with the person next to you who probably does)

OK…now that you took our little quiz, you might note a fair bit is tongue-in-cheek. Best to make you laugh a bit in a hectic field like QA. Since we have brought some humor to bear, please reach out to us or share this email or post with a friend. We don’t bite. And we are very friendly.

Kevin Surace

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