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Slide ART Automatic Regression Testing [aw-tuh-mat-ik] • having the capability of operating independently • done unconsciously or from force of habit • mechanical [ri-gresh-uh n] [testing] the type of software testing that ensures previously deployed software still performs the same after seemingly unrelated enhancements, patches, new configs, and other changes

Automatic Regression Testing (ART)

[AI Scripting + Continuous Testing = ART]

Appvance IQ is a regression testing automation system that combines AI scripting with continuous testing.

AI Scripting easily creates test scripts for even newly used functionality, assuring that script portfolios are fresh and complete with current user activity. These current script portfolios are then seamlessly executed through unified testing as builds emerge from CI. The combination of instant script creation and complete coverage that is true to real user activity, and that is then run through unified testing, makes Appvance IQ ART the best possible regression testing.

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  • Can your regression testing labor be reduced or should you expect better production or both?
  • How automatic is your regression testing?
  • How comprehensive is your coverage?
  • How fresh are your regression scripts?
  • How many errors slip into production?


Regression Testing Analysis

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