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Exponentially More Tests + Comprehensive Coverage =
Your Software at its Peak Quality

Appvance IQ lets testing teams easily create and execute exponentially more tests than they can with current automation.

AI Scripting – 1000X productivity improvement

Test Designer – 10X productivity improvement

Unified Testing – 3X productivity improvement

Plus, this portfolio of tests comprehensively covers what actual end-users do on production systems, making it 100% user centric.

User centricity wins. User centricity at scale crushes.

Production Bugs


Dramatically fewer bugs slip into production with Appvance IQ because its vast and comprehensive test creation and execution capabilities find most defects. This sharply reduces bug-driven downtime.

Bug-Driven Downtime

Less Is More

Appvance IQ uses AI to empower each QA person with the equivalent of 100 brainpower. Whether engineers, analysts or others, Appvance IQ makes them vastly more productive versus their single brainpower with current test automation. Thus, Appvance IQ lets you get more testing performed with far fewer resources, or much more testing performed from current resources.

Manual Hours

Legacy test automation, like Selenium, doesn’t make a dent in testing’s labor intensity. Scripting work and maintenance is often overwhelming, leading to additional manual testing. Appvance IQ automates most scripting work using machine generated tests, leading to incredible productivity, speed and coverage improvements.  

Manual Labor Cost

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