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Improving Coverage

Improving Coverage Every day I hear the same question: “how can I improve my coverage with little effort?” Of course, this is a loaded question. What coverage do you mean? There might be (at least) four ways to think about coverage: Code coverage Application (Actions, Pages, States) coverage REAL user flow coverage TEST coverage In…
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Podcast: Your AI is Already Here with Kevin Surace

In this episode, our host, Mark Tomlinson (aka @perfsherpa) takes a dive into the AI automation pool with STPCon Keynote – Kevin Surace the CTO of Appvance.ai – the inventor of AI-driven testing, which is revolutionizing the software QA process. Kevin shares his vast experience in tech innovation and insights into the current challenges for testers in fast-paced, modern…

The Short Answer: Gene Kim

In this series, we ask industry experts to provide a short answer to a big question. Recently, Gene Kim answered our big question: What do you think is the biggest hurdle in the DevOps QA process today? “There’s no doubt that one of the largest obstacles for achieving DevOps outcomes of fast flow and high…