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The Short Answer: Gene Kim

In this series, we ask industry experts to provide a short answer to a big question. Recently, Gene Kim answered our big question: What do you think is the biggest hurdle in the DevOps QA process today? “There’s no doubt that one of the largest obstacles for achieving DevOps outcomes of fast flow and high…

Velocity, Meet Quality: Why DevOps must define QA as Code

Velocity, Meet Quality: Why DevOps must define QA as Code You’ve heard of pair programming and test-first development. You’ve heard of agile software development. You’ve heard of continuous integration, daily builds and continuous delivery. You’ve heard of infrastructure as code. These keystone practices make possible a DevOps culture of continuous (daily, weekly, monthly or regularly…

Approaching Implementation

Approaching Implementation By Brad Egeland, Originally published in No matter how smoothly things have gone on your project up till this point, as you approach implementation you’ll feel at least two things: relief and anxiety.  Relief because it’s nearly over and you’re still moving forward. Anxiety because it’s nearly over and there may be something—or…