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DevTestOps Becomes a Thing

Test completes DevOps

Test must be a key part of the DevOps culture, whether developers do it or QA people do. OTOH, ignoring testing means the test team hasn’t been let in the room, or testing isn’t taken seriously. After all, at the core of DevOps is testing. In some cases, much can be accomplished with unit testing; in others, it’s regression. But in all, DevOps should assume that unit, functional, regression, compatibility, performance, load and security testing are done for every build, or at least for every release candidate.

In short, DevOps isn’t complete unless its DevTestOps.

Test completes DevOps.

This requires a concerted effort to track and assign tests to specific builds, update QA server data, have a staging environment that mimics production, and have 100% automation across all tests.

In the waterfall era, a new build came around every six months. So, it was no big deal if testing took another three months. But today’s dev leaders strive for multiple builds each day, with a release each week. And that’s not even considering the Amazons and Facebooks of the world that push a thousand releases a day. This means the entire test cycle must take minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

Further, the dev, test and ops teams should be together in one place, working side by side to make sure each release is smooth. Siloed teams, especially those with people in different groups around the world, will find it difficult to achieve these goals. After all, silos are walls that clog up the process.

AI test generation is the perfect technology to drive this kind of speed in any organization. Since most testers spend their time creating or maintaining scripts, having a smart system do that for you is a game changer. And it elevates the importance of testing to a new level.

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