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Finding Software Bugs is Now Life or Death

Finding software bugs is now life or death

Why it’s time to re-think software test

In the 1960s when software was mostly used by rocket scientists, it was certainly true that a bug could be the difference between life and death. But for most of the past 50 years or so, we took bugs for granted. If Windows crashed…so what? If a game locked up…so what?rethink-yieldsign

For most important applications, mission-critical ones, we have used long development and QA cycles to weed out bugs including performance and security issues.

Then along came DevOps. Which famously left the term QA out of its definition.Oops.

DevOps is arguably Dev-QA-Ops, with more emphasis on QA than ever before.

Moving faster means more, not less, QA must occur—and it must occur at 10X to 100X the prior speed—with more rigor than ever before because brands and entire business are at stake. While you must go faster (because your competition is) you cannot leave quality behind.

Rapid QA means rapid QA automation means new technology to get you there.

In the past month alone there have been dozens of very public software bugs reeking havoc on brands including:

Cisco’s Network Bugs Are Front and Center in Bankruptcy Fight

GM Falls on 3.6 Million-Vehicle Recall, New Air-Bag Defect

Software bug leaves 1.4B Android devices vulnerable to ‘spying attacks’

iOS 10 bug blamed for handcuffing Kwikset Kevo smart lock

Apple’s iOS 10 update freezes some iPhones — including mine

Zero-day vulnerability found within MySQL database application

Banner Health faces lawsuits after security breach

Frustrated AFL fans furious after Ticketek website CRASHES

Moving fast is certainly required today to be competitive. Daily releases or faster is within reach of all organizations. But without the right culture and new technology one risks their brand—or worse. Make sure that DevOps is Dev-QA-Ops with capital QA!

It’s time to re-think software test automation.
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