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Fresh New Website

New home for The Future of Quality

Notice something different? This website has been transformed into a fresh and new one. It’s designed to be easy to peruse, while drawing you in to functional and benefit detail, so I won’t go into much here, instead leaving you to explore on your own.

That said, here are some highlights.

  • Front Page: Designed to be scanned, it’s mercifully free of text blocks. While the words are few, the imagery is powerful, including a side-by-side comparison of the people who use test automation. Sad testers use current automation; productive, happy testers use Appvance IQ.
  • Product Section: This seven-page section consists of an overview page and detail pages for each of AIQ’s six main modules. The overview page has several important blocks, including for Continuous Testing and Automatic Regression Testing (aka, ART). ART couldn’t be more important because regression testing is rarely a strength for testing teams, and is something that Appvance IQ can quickly improve by easily working alongside existing test automation.
  • Benefits Section: This four-page section includes a top page of Overall Benefits and specific pages for Dev, Ops and QA Benefits. This is perhaps the most interesting section of the site, as the opportunity for Dev is to count quality as a core strength, which is both unexpected and powerful. In similar fashion, the opportunity for Ops is to be free of bug-driven downtime, a truly unexpected and powerful relief. Last but not least, the opportunity for QA is to become the apple of their CTO’s eye. That may or may not be unexpected, but is very, very welcome either way.
  • Support: We love our customers, so this portal page links to various support services and assets.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Click here to get a demo of the industry’s first AI driven, united test automation system.