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The Short Answer: Gene Kim


In this series, we ask industry experts to provide a short answer to a big question. Recently, Gene Kim answered our big question:

What do you think is the biggest hurdle in the DevOps QA process today?

“There’s no doubt that one of the largest obstacles for achieving DevOps outcomes of fast flow and high reliability, stability and security is creating effective automated testing. In fact, this issue was one of the top obstacle identified by the DevOps Enterprise Summit community in since 2014. Automated testing requires a variety of disciplines beyond test automation—it requires automated environment setup, consistent environments across Dev, Test and Production, as well as the need to keep shifting testing left, so that developers can get the fastest feedback on their work.”

Gene Kim is is a multiple-award-winning CTO, researcher and author. GeneKimHe was founder and CTO of Tripwire for 13 years. Gene is a huge fan of IT operations and how it can enable developers to maximize throughput of features from “code complete” to “in production,” without causing chaos and disruption to the IT environment. He is passionate about IT operations, security and compliance, and how IT organizations successfully transform from “good to great.”