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Get certified in AI for QA

Get certified in AI for QA

Certifications are important in our field. A training certificate shows the world and fellow team members that you are continuing your education and skills development. And ready to take on new technology, rather than live with only what you know.

There is no bigger change which has arrived in software QA than artificial intelligence. It has already had the largest impact in decades in organizations which have embraced AI generated tests.

Launched in 2017, we have learned a lot about what QA automation engineers do when they no longer have to focus on writing scripts. They need to learn how to setup AI (a process called AI hinting), how to manage it, understand the larger results set, prioritize bugs, create larger test data sets and more. Scripting isn’t going away completely, but AI reduces the number of scripts required by 90%, while increasing code coverage to near 100%.

For the first time, Appvance will offer certification in AI for QA at STPConn on September 23rd in Boston at 9AM. Upon successful completion of the course (3 hours from 9AM to noon), you will get your certificate.

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In this hands-on 3-hour workshop, you will learn (and do yourself!):

  • how this technology works at its core
  • how AI is used to learn how an application works
  • how AI is used to generate tests
  • how to data-drive those machine generated tests
  • how accurate are they?
  • how to setup the right AI hints
  • how to kick off tests
  • how to interpret results 
  • how to explain this to others in your organization
  • how AI can augment your existing test efforts
  • and much more

This is great for any QA professional, tester, test management, developer etc. Improve your skills and get a meaningful valuable certification!

At the end of the workshop you will receive your Certificate in AI for QA Level One.

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