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Getting to a WOW in QA

My name is Kevin Parker and I am VP of Customer Success here at Appvance. My job is to make sure that customers get amazing service as well as the most out of our technology. And I know they do that when they say “Wow!” when we go through their first dashboards.

Let me share a story.

Recently, we brought another new customer along their ramp up and we had another “Wow!” moment. It is a notable example of how, when done right, technology can still thrill even the most cynical of us.

Our process for onboarding new customers is a very carefully structured one that gets customers up and running in the shortest possible time, so they are delivering production tests as quickly as possible. It starts with us learning their applications and quickly providing several high value test scenarios for them. Our purpose here is two-fold: first, learn how their applications work and, second, make sure we exploit the best set of capabilities, from the many we can choose from, in our quite-rich technology platform.

Next, we use what we learned to setup (AI hinting….will explain in another post) our machine learning as it starts to work on auto-generating test scripts on the client applications. No coding or scripting or recording. Real AI. This process quickly starts to deliver thousands of scripts and exercises pathways through the application that almost surely have not been tested before, with coverage approaching 100%. All this in a few weeks or less.

Our AI-generated testing reports UX issues, functional errors, validation errors, API-errors, performance issues, and much more.

For this new customer there was a certain disbelief that a machine could simulate the equivalent of hundreds of human testers in any way. So, when we got the first AI-driven results in the client dashboard, it was clear that there were already many interesting finds. We discovered slow performing API calls, several unexpected HTTP status codes, and number of missing image and stylesheet libraries.

As we walked through each of the test results, one of the QA engineers on the call could be heard saying “well that’s interesting” repeatedly. Another, normally vocal member of the team, commented “that’s not right” as we looked at an API-call that was failing due to being unauthorized. And then it clicked. No-one generated these tests. It was indeed the machine. And that was a “WOW!” moment indeed.

In these moments, it becomes clear to clients that there is tremendous value in being able to spin up Artificial Intelligence that can rapidly, and thoroughly, test your application in ways it has never been tested before. Far more coverage and a lot less work. It’s not magic, it’s machine learning and 4 million lines of code and some awesome AI patents.

I live for these “WOW!” moments! When is the last time you had a “WOW!” moment from technology you use in testing? I bet it’s been many years.

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