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Slide Integration Knowledge Kit

A Free Evaluation Guide for Serverless, Microservices and Integration Development Platforms

Compares TIBCO, Red Hat JBoss, Spring Boot, MuleSoft

Would it surprise you that TIBCO is 12% more efficient at developer productivity than Spring Boot? And, that developers with Tibco are 20% more efficient over MuleSoft and 23% over Red Hat. And, as your developers make changes to apps/services over time, TIBCO is 38% more efficient at engineering costs than Spring Boot — and 41% over Red Hat JBoss, and 42% over Mulesoft.

For the past eight years noted development expert Frank Cohen, founder of, updated and published the PushToTest Integration Knowledge Kit. The Kit is a free open-source competitive evaluation guide comparing TIBCO, Red Hat JBoss, Spring Boot, MuleSoft, and many others.

The Kit helps you evaluate developer productivity and performance when building services on integration platforms and deploying services to serverless, microservices, cloud and AWS Lambda. The free Kit includes:

  • Executive Summary slide deck – 20 pages, describes project, methodology and results
  • In-Depth Summary slide deck – 70 pages, explains the details on each platform
  • TCO model/spreadsheet – Excel XLS formatted spreadsheet off the observed time to implement
  • 4 Developer Journals explaining step-by-step what our engineers encountered and how they worked around the problems for TIBCO, Spring Boot, MuleSoft & Red Hat JBoss
  • Full source code of the 4 implementations

The Kit is ideal for architectures needed for Deep Learning, Blockchain applications, and Cloud apps. The Kit implements the same Sports Betting use case across all the modern platforms. It uses Docker, Openshift and Kubernetes containers. It uses HTML5, Node.js, ReactJS, Webdev coding. It deploys microservices and AWS Lambda services to the Cloud, and follows industry standards for DevOps, Agile and source code documentation. Plus the Kit is 100% open source and free for you to use.

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