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Mercury Interactive (aka LoadRunner) sold to Micro Focus

Why it is time to seriously look to upgrade

We believe that the HPE divestiture of Mercury Interactive is a disaster for LoadRunner, QTP, UFT and Performance Center Customers.

On September 7, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. (HPE) announced an $8.8 billion deal to divest of most of its software operations, selling them to Micro Focus, headquartered in the UK. In the agreement, HPE will off-load all of the software it acquired from Mercury Interactive in 2006, including LoadRunner, QTP, UFT and Performance Center. What does this mean for users of HP Mercury products? We can tell, from the layoffs that have already begun, that it is not going to be good. How bad exactly? Read on.

Micro Focus intends to reduce costs immediately

This cost-cutting has already begun with HPE laying off substantial personnel as part of the agreement before the sale is final. Key executives and contributors to the Mercury product line—as well as support people—have recently left or are being let go now. What’s more, other members of the technical leadership have recently fled the company before it changes hands.

futureIn their investor presentation, HPE detailed the opportunity for a 20 percentage point margin improvement by the end of the 3rd full financial year following the close.

This means that Micro Focus will continue to reduce costs, which is consistent with what Micro Focus does when they buy old software assets and squeeze the last profits from them.

As the Wall Street Journal wrote, “Mr. Loosemore concluded that boosting growth wasn’t possible for many of Micro Focus’s IT infrastructure products, which provide companies with basic technological plumbing. So he focused instead on the bottom line. The company cut costs previously spent chasing growth.”

Micro Focus has openly discussed that their strategy is to acquire old technology with large maintenance streams and high switching costs.

That likely means reduced quality of service and few product upgrades on an already long-in-the-tooth product line.

Upgrade your technology today

If you have been using HP Mercury tools for a long time, the idea of changing tools can be scary. You have a lot invested and your team is well trained on the software. However, if you are trying to move faster, HP software has been a major bottleneck for you and others. Looking forward, these products may no longer get even the minimal enhancements HP was providing.

With support cut and enhancements a thing of the past, an already 20 year old tool becomes a brick. As your technology stack changes, your test needs change. You need to move faster towards a DevOps culture. You need technology that is fresh and up to today’s latest tech stacks (like Angular and JavaFX and mobile)—and 20 years newer.

Appvance has transformed the software QA automation workflow so it is streamlined, reusable and wicked-fast. Our customers are seeing productivity improvements immediately and so can you. We make it easy and fun to move today—even re-using much of what you already have written!

We will help you and your team make a rapid transition off the old HP tools

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