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On-Demand AIQ Demo


On-Demand AIQ Demo

In this video, see Appvance’s autonomous testing in action. You’ll learn how:

  • The AI Blueprint, for web and native mobile applications, traverses your application testing all the possible user flows
  • The AI is trained using your business rules and desired validations
  • The resulting Coverage Map provides both an overall view of the health of your application as well as detailed views of detected errors, slow response times, and failed API calls on every page of the application

Why choose AIQ?

AIQ’s AI-driven Blueprint module autonomously explores and tests your application—functionally, at the API level, and for performance issues—unlike any other quality solution on the market. AIQ can provide you quick feedback on the risk profile of a potential release by navigating and testing all the potential new user flows and functionality of the code in minutes, increasing coverage of End-to-End tests to near 100%, and your risk to near zero.

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