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Traditional Outsourcing Has Met Its Match

AI-Driven Testing Powers a New Model

Software testing has been extensively outsourced over the past decade, to save money of course. Accordingly, much of this outsourcing has gone to low labor-cost countries, billed hourly. Unfortunately, that means the outsourcer is not incented to reduce the hours billed, but instead to maximize them. That’s why enterprises who procure offshore QA outsourcing find that the hours billed by their outsourcer tend not to decrease. In short, productivity gains are not occurring, and why should they?

However, the situation is finally changing with the advent of AI-driven testing, which replaces and upgrades manual scripting with AI scripting, thereby alleviating the need for manual testing and outsourced resources alike. Adding to the pressure on traditional outsourcing, DevOps requires teams to be collocated for the best productivity. Siloed teams simply cannot reach DevTestOps speed. Fortunately, AI-driven testing allows enterprises to bring testing in house, or at least bring it to a location that is somewhat local to their dev and ops.

Since saving money was the main reason to outsource, AI-driven testing allows that goal to be reached without outsourcing, or at least without traditional outsourcing. This is because AI-driven testing reduces scripting labor by 90%, and therefore reduces much of the need for manual testing. Thus, your overall costs go down even as you insource. Plus, increased speed and improved quality follow in the wake.

We have already seen many clients begin this change, much to the chagrin of offshore outsourcing houses. But in the end, lower costs and higher quality win the day.

If your team is ready for an order of magnitude change, now is a great time to get a live demo of the AI driven Appvance IQ test automation system. Request yours today.