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QA in 2020, a year like no other

This year has become one for the history books, and not in a good way. It is unknown how and when the CoronaCrisis will play out, but two things are very clear for QA and SDLC leaders. First, productivity must improve due to reduced budgets caused by the virus-induced downturn. Second, pristine quality is more important than ever in this troubled time.

Fortunately, improving QA productivity doesn’t mean working harder, but working smarter. How? Choose the latest technologies to find more bugs faster. Prioritize bugs better. Drive for higher code coverage. Find bugs before users do.

This is where comes in. Our Appvance IQ AI-driven, continuous testing system allows you to get more and better testing done faster than any other testing system or technology. Thus, AIQ is the prescription you need to make your QA team state-of-the-art in 2020.

AIQ’s AI driven testing was introduced in 2017 and is battle hardened here in 2020. It uses patented machine-learning capabilities to self-generate scripts, run tests and find bugs, all without any human intervention. Then, for your very specific test flows, AIQ’s Test Designer allows your testers to create tests 20X quicker than with alternative technologies such as Selenium. Even complex data-driven API tests can be created and run in AIQ.

Can AIQ help you find more bugs faster? With less effort? Probably. But you won’t know until you assess this against one of your applications.

At, we have often run quick assessments of AI driven testing against existing “clean” applications. Within hours, AIQ typically finds dozens or even hundreds of serious bugs that existing scripts never found.

If you are ready to shift your job function from maintaining Selenium scripts to finding every bug before a user does, AI-driven testing is a great way to do it with your existing team, especially in the coronavirus-challenged year of 2020.

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