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QA in 2020. Do you have a clear vision?

QA in 2020. Do you have a clear vision?

As the new year starts, what is your vision to dramatically improve your QA productivity in 2020? Improving productivity doesn’t mean working harder, but working smarter. Choosing the latest technologies to find more bugs faster, prioritizing bugs better, driving for higher code coverage, finding bugs before users do.

Appvance is delivering more technologies this year to help your team be more productive. With perhaps the largest test automation platform on the market (~4M lines of code), you can get more done faster than anywhere else. State-of-the-art for your team in 2020.

Starting with AI autonomous test generation (introduced in 2017), the system can self-generate scripts, run tests, and find bugs without any human intervention. It won’t replace very specific test flows, which can be created 20X quicker in Appvance Test Designer. And complex data driven API tests can be created and run in Appvance Service Suite.

Can AppvanceIQ help you find more bugs faster? With less effort? Probably. But you won’t know until you assess this against one of your applications.

At Appvance, we have often run quick assessments of AI against existing “clean” applications. Within hours have found dozens or even hundreds of serious bugs the existing scripts never found.

If you are ready to shift your job function from maintaining Selenium scripts to finding every bug before a user does, AI autonomous test generation is a great way to do it with your existing team.

Learn more about Appvance IQ and request your own assessment for your team.