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The QA Wall is Real

The QA Wall is Real

New research shows that a bottleneck still slows down software release frequency

As more organizations make the move toward DevOps, many still experience a software testing bottleneck—dubbed the QA Wall—that puts a damper on the speed of software releases.

This is according to new data from a Vanson Bourne survey commissioned by Appvance that revealed that while 73 percent of respondents have adopted DevOps processes, 57% of those adoptees have still experienced a bottleneck during software testing that impacts how quickly new and updated software can be released.

Seventy-nine percent of respondents reported that increasing the frequency of software releases is a priority for their organization and the same percentage agreed that increasing the frequency of software releases would help them achieve their business objectives.

“Enterprises have adopted Agile and continuous delivery processes to improve efficiency, productivity and to deliver business results, but they often maintain traditional thinking about software testing, which has not changed significantly in over twenty years,” says Appvance CEO Kevin Surace. “As a result, companies still struggle to get past the QA Wall created by existing software test automation tools that can’t move as fast as DevOps moves. Until the silos created by those tools are eliminated, the QA Wall will continue to slow software release schedules.”

The survey, conducted by Vanson Bourne in October 2016, polled 200 Enterprise IT decision makers in the U.S. for their thoughts on DevOps and software testing.

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