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Tech Brief: Testing mobile apps with Appvance UTP

Tech Brief: Testing mobile apps with Appvance UTP

Apps may be more important than your website

Mobile device users spend 80% of their time using apps—so ensuring their experience is problem-free should be a high priority. But most organizations are not giving mobile testing the priority it deserves for several reasons:

  • They don’t have time to do mobile testing
  • They don’t have the right tools
  • They lack the devices to test

Even in companies that are testing mobile apps, most lack specialized methods or mobile testing expertise.
It is no surprise that, given the myriad of mobile devices, operating systems and environments, mobile testing is a challenge for many companies.

Appvance UTP makes mobile testing easy
With Appvance UTP, automated and data-driven functional and load tests can be quickly developed and run across the mobile landscape—with no coding required.

  • DevOps-Ready “Shift Left” to find quality and performance issues quickly with Dev or QA
  • Easily integrates with your CI tools to run automatically at each and every build
  • Run most tests from UX or API-level behind firewall or in the cloud

Application delivery faster, cheaper & better
A unified software testing platform, Appvance UTP provides a full suite of tests that work with existing tools

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