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AI Podcast with James Altucher & Kevin Surace

While I get to talk a lot about AI in QA, I am also fortunate to be a keynote speaker around the world on AI and the impact on our jobs and our lives. Literally our future.

I recently had the pleasure of recording a podcast with one of the best known podcast hosts anywhere, James Altucher.

James has millions of listeners, 40M+ downloads, had a few national best selling books, including the Choose Yourself series, and is a well known savvy investor and expert in most all things.

We got to talk about AI in QA, cybersecurity, robots, Andrew Yang (presidential Candidate), Elon Musk and so many other great topics. If you want to be entertained while you pick up a few tidbits on fun happenings in artificial intelligence, your one hour will be well spent.

“I sat with the world expert in AI, Kevin Surace, to discuss if we should afraid of AI and automation or not, gene editing, and Andrew Yang!” – James Altucher

He is far too kind with that intro, there are many AI experts with 1000X my knowledge…but in any case, I hope you enjoy the entertaining and educational hour this podcast brings!

Kevin Surace