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Truly…this is the end of Selenium

Truly…this is the end of Selenium

Finally, as of today, I can no longer think of one reason left to use a 15 year old, somewhat-hobbled technology like Selenium. Now I have nothing against it’s creators (brilliant) or its very fine long run. But every technology must come to an end because something else is an order of magnitude improvement. And I believe Selenium is at that point. Essentially end of life.
Of course open-source projects like this never really die. They kind of fade into obscurity. And some may argue that Selenium has more life to it. After all Selenium was the cure for Mercury poisoning. So as the world turns, there will be a cure for Selenium as well.

We all know Selenium has its limitations. I hear it from prospects every day. Painful stories. WebDriver was not designed to interact with new libraries well such as Angular 2, React, KendoUI etc. The WebDriver W3C standard was never intended to be able to see and act on the entire DOM, ShadowDOM, nested iFrames and more. It was specified at a time when none of these existed. We know the scripts are painful to maintain, terribly brittle, it takes time to learn Selenium along with Java or other languages, let alone thoughtfully data-drive tests. No paid support and no quick fixes. Yet every team made this their standard. Because it was all that was available.

Here is a simple 16 step script quickly created in Selenium with Eclipse:

Nothing fancy. Not even data driven. Simple. Only 20min and 14 seconds.
Given the average script across the industry requires 1hr15min (40+ steps and data driven), this is a good quick example. Maybe you could write the same one in 15min, or maybe its 30min. But the person recording this is a solid selenium engineer.

So why did I say it’s the end of Selenium?
Because at Appvance we have continued to advance our Test Designer into it’s 3rd generation. The only 3rd generation recording IDE in the market. Designed for absolute speed, yet full control. Our goal was to be the fastest script creation technology on the planet. Period. And maintain all you love about Selenium with none of its limitations. We think we met that goal. And that’s great news for you.

Appvance Test Designer writes end-to-end scripts/code as you (QA or Dev) use your application. 
You have FULL ACCESS to the code it writes for you. A complete IDE.
In Designer Script (English) and in pure Javascript, which it actually runs directly. Natively in every browser including FireFox, Safari, IE, Chrome.

So you can do anything you want with the code after it records it. Or during. Nothing is hidden. Add break points, conditionals. Anything. You get to code which is one reason people liked Selenium. 
Data driving your forms? Great…simply drag column from your CSV file and it does the rest. No code needed. How about prioritizing accessors? Yes it does that. You pick and it writes the scripts with those priorities for you. Even very complex Paths or parent/child relationships.
How about drawing on a canvas? Yep. REACT? Yes. Angular 1& 2? Of course. iFrames? Yes perfectly. Cross Browser? Of course! Even ShadowDOM.
How is this possible? 
We first developed a wicked fast JS injection that injects itself in any browser under test. And we create real javascript scripts that run directly in the browser, with no WebDriver limitations. Our injection sees everything. The DOM, every iFrame, the server requests and responses. Everything. Not limited by 15 year old technology. And it is lightening FAST.

HOW FAST? Check out this video. Below is the same script as above, but written with Appvance Test Designer. In 1min and 4 seconds. You can see the steps being written to the left of the AUT window.

Let’s put this in perspective for you: 20:14 versus 1:04. The exact same script. You saw it.

20X faster script creation.

Yes, the exact same scripts can be created in Appvance Test Designer in 5% of the time. Basically relieving you of the mundane scripting tasks and letting you focus on the more important tasks of complex logic or conditionals, test data, analyzing results and more. Upscaling your skills, work, and time.

I cannot think of one reason to keep writing in an ancient mundane language. No disrespect, but technology has moved forward and so should you. What do you have to lose by updating your skills?

There is more to share, including ML based self-healing, live data, nested scripts and even direct SQL interaction. But we will save that for another post.

20X Faster than Selenium. Right in front of your eyes. And I am not even showing you how fast AI test generation has become! This is just Test Designer…for specific use cases. AI test generation is another module.
Appvance IQ is available for enterprise teams who are ready to excel. People are writing and running thousands of tests everyday using Appvance Test Designer. What about you?
If you have an immediate need for speed and a budget, contact us today.