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5 Reasons Why Your Testing Tools are Turkeys

Not to be a Thanksgiving Scrooge, but testing tools are real turkeys.

Herewith, 5 reasons why:

  1. Tedious script writing
    Test-script creation remains the critical path deliverable in any software testing workflow, and an exceptionally tedious deliverable at that. This is because testing tools have failed to meaningfully reduce the huge amount of labor required for script writing, as sadly proven by UI recording and every other enhancement over the past quarter-century. We’ll know things have changed when software testing is no longer a labor intensive process. Till then, tedium rules!
  2. Scant code coverage
    Even the best teams struggle to extend code coverage above 50%, with the challenge growing daily as developers pump-out new features. Testing tools have barely made a dent in the problem because they haven’t slain the beast of tedious script writing, and therefore don’t allow test teams to get out from behind the 8-ball.
  3. Lack of user intimacy
    Everyone knows that user-experience is the be-all and end-all of market acceptance, and therefore should drive what gets tested. However, testing tools to-date make it nigh on impossible to be intimate with UX, let alone to automatically feed actual user-experience into scripts, and therefore into test coverage.
  4. Failure to learn
    It would be easier to keep up if testing tools could learn from previous experience, both from user-experience and from relevant testing experience. Machine learning is clearly called for in this situation, but its application is just now on the horizon.
  5. Leads to offshoring
    Add up this parade of horribles and it’s no wonder that most testing occurs offshore. In fact, software testing was one of the first industries to go offshore and will be the last to come home, if the turkey trot of testing tools continues as it has.

There is an alternative: Driverless Testing™ from Appvance. As its name suggests, the industry’s first Driverless Testing system largely drives itself through the creation of test-scripts, thereby turning each test engineer into a one-man army. Talk about punching above your weight. A ten person test team can crank-out test scripts – and run them – at the rate of a 10,000 person testing army with patent-pending Driverless Testing from Appvance.

That’s something to be thankful for!

So this Thanksgiving, swear off tedious script writing, achieve blanket code coverage, assure that your users’ actual experience always gets fully tested, and let machine learning ease your ongoing effort. As to offshoring, leave your testing offshore if you want. But here’s a word to the wise: Start thinking about bringing it onshore in 2018, given that you can save money and streamline your SDLC by doing so. That’s like Christmas and Thanksgiving wrapped up in one.

From all of us at Appvance, Happy Thanksgiving!

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