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User Proven Applications

The best applications are user proven.

What do users want? Speed? Elegance? Intuitiveness? Yes to all, but what they most want is reliability. They want an application to do what it’s expected to do, 100% of the time.

Let’s face it, not every application is elegant or intuitive. However, suboptimal design and obscure controls are regularly overcome by users who need to get a job done. But even plucky users won’t abide applications that don’t work consistently, especially when the user has already mastered the darn thing and just needs to get a job done.

So what’s the best way to make sure an application does what users expect it to do? Simple, test it against what users have done on it before. This testing needs to be true to actual user activity, not theoretical user activity. It is also important to test against failed user actions, not just what they succeeded in doing. Testing against what they tried and failed to do identifies functional bugs and design flaws that are meaningful because they tripped up actual users.

What should we call applications that are proven to do what users expect them to do? Let’s call them User Proven Applications. How do you turn a garden variety application into a User Proven Application? Simple, User Proven Applications result from the execution of regression testing portfolios that are always fresh, accurate and true to 100% of actual user activity.

The regression testing to accomplish this is Automatic Regression Testing, of the sort enabled by Appvance IQ. It results from the union of continuous testing with AI scripting. The former ensures that every build is automatically run through a portfolio of regression tests, while the latter ensures that the portfolio of tests is fresh, accurate and contains scripts that comprehensively cover everything users tried to do with the application.

User Proven Applications are the best applications because they minimize bugs experienced by users, and are therefore trusted by users. Simply stated, User Proven Applications reliably do what users expect them to do.

User Proven Applications are also easy to ensure with Appvance IQ’s Automatic Regression Testing. Want to see a demo of this breakthrough capability? Click here and let us know.