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Deliver on your digital transformation imperatives with standout application quality. AI testing tools generate the precise set of tests you need to maximize coverage and de-risk every release.


Redefining Software Quality For Today’s Enterprise Needs

Ensure world-class user experiences with every release. Achieve comprehensive, continuous software quality that’s accelerated, accurate, and autonomous. Every time.

End-to-end testing with practically 100% application coverage and virtually zero risk

Patented AI script generation module provides autonomous testing by exploring applications, functions, and flows

AI-generated scripts representing real user journeys result in the most accurate assessment possible

Unified, purpose-built architecture and integrated tools provide visibility and insight at speed

Load, performance, and security testing easily enabled as an integral element of your quality portfolio

From the UI to APIs, shift-left to shift-right, mobile to web to platform apps, support all your testing needs in one holistic environment


Unmatched Coverage. Complete Confidence.

Keep up with ever-increasing digital business demands with reliable app performance with ai testing tools. AIQ is the only intelligent quality platform built from the ground up for autonomy, efficiency, and digital advantage.


AI Script Generation (Autonomous Testing)

Simplify and accelerate testing with AI-piloted exploration of all application functionality and possible user flows.

Test Design

Create self-healing, resilient test scripts for web, native mobile, and API quality—easily, via the no code / low code interface.

Test Execution

Design test scenarios that target application functionality to deliver a more complete view of feature quality

Test Results

Make it easy for everyone in your organization to see and understand test results and trends in a single dashboard.

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application coverage with AI-generated test scripts

99 %

for AI-generated tests

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view of product feature quality


Test Smarter,
Deploy Faster

Advance your quality commitment and achieve continuous testing goals across every type of development. Use the power of AI testing tools to continuously improve the user experience across sites, apps, and services.

Web Testing

Accelerate release delivery and improve UX quality. Choose AI script generation (autonomous testing) or codeless, self-healing tests to scan web apps, including those built using Salesforce and ServiceNow, or those running in mobile environments. Meet digital transformation goals at DevOps speed, without compromising performance or quality.

Mobile Testing

Identify bugs in native mobile apps to ensure the best possible UX. With AIQ, you can run thousands of tests rapidly and autonomously using AI-generated test scripts and smart use cases. Meet today’s mobile demands with the reusable AI Blueprint or create your own tests using our codeless Mobile Designer.

Services Testing

Drive API and other services integrations with ease and speed. Use the drag-and-drop tool for standard API testing. For complex data-driven API needs, database responses, and IoT integrations, the Services Workbench supports full testing functionality including the ability to create Cartesian combinations. Maintain and validate services response accuracy across your entire digital landscape.


Real-World AIQ Results


AI Script Generation (Autonomous Testing) led to higher code quality, happier customers for major insurer

  • Chose AIQ to overcome slow product release cycles and high quantity of undetected bugs
  • Achieved 97% application coverage across apps deployed
  • Resolved a serious Log4j vulnerability and enabled continuous code delivery

Improved QA through AI Testing with minimal resources for auto parts distributor

  • Needed to improve testing as they expanded the portfolio from one to eight apps under test
  • Achieved near 100% coverage plus continuous enhancements with comprehensive daily testing
  • Run daily tests with tens of thousands of validations to track the accuracy of their highly dynamic 1M+ parts inventory

Autonomous testing helps government agency keep up with COVID

  • Needed to replace manual tools with agile testing to meet changing quarantine regulations
  • Increased test execution volume 5x and expanded to include over 3,000 unique flows through the use of ai testing tools
  • Expanded AIQ use to include additional COVID apps for vaccinations, testing, and tracking

Discover The Autonomous Testing Advantage

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Redefining the Software Quality Process: From Test Automation to Autonomous Testing

AI testing tools are creating a new paradigm, opening up entirely new possibilities for improving quality.


Using AI in Software Test Automation


Measuring Coverage in Software Testing


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