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AI Driven, Unified Test Automation

Automation Results

Heavy Staffing  Good People
1 Brainpower per Person

Standard Testing
Slow & Error Prone

Lean Staffing  Productive People
100 Brainpower per Person

High IQ Testing
Agile & Foolproof

What can you do with Appvance IQ?

User-Driven Testing

Complete Coverage

Get Better,
Much Better

Instant Scripts

Continuous Testing

Go Really,
Really Fast

Unified Testing

Automatic Regression Testing

Spend Less,
Lots Less

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User Proven Applications

The best applications are user proven. What do users want? Speed? Elegance? Intuitiveness? Yes to all, but what they most want is reliability. They want an application to do what it’s expected to do, 100% of the time. Let’s face it, not every application is elegant or intuitive. However, suboptimal design and obscure controls are…

Fresh New Website

New home for The Future of Quality Notice something different? This website has been transformed into a fresh and new one. It’s designed to be easy to peruse, while drawing you in to functional and benefit detail, so I won’t go into much here, instead leaving you to explore on your own. That said, here…

An Ideal AI Use Case

Regression Testing is perfect for AI Artificial Intelligence is all the rage in 2018. Indeed, every software vendor worth their venture capital is touting how AI is infused into their products. Such peak-hype masks the fact that productive uses of AI require appropriate use cases, including the availability of relevant big data from which the...

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