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The AI Testing Hype Machine

  The AI Testing Hype Machine In the past year we have seen a handful of startups get funded claiming they use AI for testing. But when testers actually got their hands on the tool, they found nothing more than a first generation scriptless recorder. Some had helpers and some a new language…but in the end,…

AWS + AIQ = 99% less $ mobile load testing

Thanks to Amazon Web Services, driven by Appvance IQ (AIQ), you can save 99% on your mobile load tests. Before explaining how, first some context. Amazon has disrupted industry after industry and is now disrupting mobile device testing. AWS Device Farm, their mobile device cloud, uses immense scale to lower the cost of testing mobile…

5 Criteria for Script Generation Tools

Testing teams have several alternatives for manually creating scripts. Most date back years, some are platform specific, some open source, with Selenium remaining the benchmark for most test engineers, notwithstanding that it has fallen way behind the curve. Appvance’s entrant is the Appvance IQ Test Designer, a modern IDE that enables ultra-high productivity when creating,…

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