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5 Steps to AI Driven Testing

Artificial intelligence is top of mind for executives seeking game-changing efficiency boosts, especially in software development and IT operations. In those software eating the world domains, data is plentiful — but talent and time are dear. Spanning dev and ops, software testing is as promising a target as could possibly be. It’s a billion dollar…

User Centric Testing (at scale)

We test software so users don’t experience bugs. It follows that all testing should be user centric. This requires intuition and an understanding of design intent when creating tests for new functionality, since users have yet to engage with the new features in a meaningful way. (More on that in a future post.)  Fortunately, the…

The Testing and the Quality

A Parable There was once a software testing department that was understaffed, overworked and way behind. Not a long time ago or in a place far far away, but in a major American city — just last month. Try though they might, this hardy band of testers couldn’t catch up, couldn’t begin to catch up….

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