Low-Code / No Code

Test Creation

Create robust test scripts for websites, mobile apps, packaged apps, and even APIs. Self-healing and ML-supported accessor optimization reduces maintenance by 80%. Enable your team to run fast and do more, even without coding skills.


Visual Test Design for

Every Need

Web Designer is a visual test recorder that creates scripts in our easy-to-read Designer Script language, backed by JavaScript. Creating a test is as simple as launching your browser (web or mobile) and walking through the user journey like you’re conducting a manual test. Or create API tests by simply dragging and dropping the calls into your test without the need for XML coding skills.

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Key Capabilities

Resilient, Robust No Code

Test Creation

Web Designer is a fully integrated development environment (IDE) that enables teams to record tests for all major use cases without writing code. It records tests based on what happens in the DOM and automatically builds in implicit wait times based on app response. 

Advanced machine learning (ML) recognizes and prioritizes accessors (locators) during recording to enable self-healing and automatic test rewriting through fallback accessors. Tests are highly resilient and maintenance is reduced by more than 80%. You can even use the images on the page as a reference point, negating the need for the fragile accessors used by application platform technologies such as Salesforce, Oracle, and MS Dynamics.

  • Web, Mobile and API modules to maximize recording capabilities 
  • Full browser coverage: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge
  • Handles highly dynamic APIs
  • Fully supports calling JavaScript, SQL, or detailed services tests created with Services Workbench
  • Support for relational accessors, fuzzy logic, and JQuery making it easy to add accessors
  • Full IDE supports the addition of JavaScript to create complex test cases

Enable Your Entire Team to

Create Tests

Web Designer supports teams testing websites, web apps and packaged applications built with an array of modern technologies (React, AJAX, HTML5, Java, Angular, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics).

Mobile Designer creates tests for native mobile apps built on iOS or Android, taking an advanced approach we call “click by image.” This ML mechanism codifies and categorizes elements on the screen into reusable test components for easily recording the interaction and enabling playback.

API Editor is a clean drag & drop interface to assemble a collection of API calls (REST and SOAP), provide input payloads through automatically generated forms, and include both iterative and conditional logic that enables the test to react to the results returned.

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Web Designer Is Powerful Yet

Easy to Use

Codeless test creation across an array of app technologies arms your team with the ability to broadly meet the needs of your business.

Ease of Use

Enable every tester, with or without coding skills, to create simple to robust tests, broadening your test team.

Enhanced Productivity

Fast test creation coupled with self-healing capabilities means your team gets more done every day.

Shift-Left Testing

Codeless API test creation makes it simple for every team to test API calls and integrations more comprehensively.


Deploy scripts for your array of Functional testing needs as well as Load & Performance and Security tests to have the confidence that your app provides all the behaviors your users and business needs.

Use Cases

AIQ Web Designer Enables

Every Use Case

Web Designer is the Swiss Army knife in your test creation toolkit, enabling quick test creation along with detailed customization via the IDE so you can handle all your testing needs, by testing type or by technology.

Web Testing

Tests created in Web Test Designer enable teams to robustly meet all their website and web app testing needs, from functional to performance to security tests.

Packaged App Testing

Teams need an easy and reliable way to verify the accuracy of their critical business applications. Test Designer enables your team to create the tests they need.

Mobile Testing

Mobile Test Designer eases the pain of teams developing native mobile apps that need a robust, yet easy to use way to enable all their testing needs.

Services Testing

API Editor enables every team, regardless of their coding skills, to shift-left and test the functionality and performance of their API calls.

other product modules

See How AIQ’s Array of Modules

Work Together

The AIQ Platform provides extensive capabilities across its modules, enabling a robust and complete view of quality.

Scenario Editor

Intuitively create simple to complex test case specifications using your Test Designer-created scripts, or even include existing scripts from other sources. Deploy a 360-degree set of tests for functional, load & performance, and security testing seamlessly.

AI Script Generation

Augment your array of specifically scripted test cases with AI-powered autonomous tests from AIQ’s revolutionary AI script generation module.

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