The Ultimate User-Centric Approach

AIQ generates a comprehensive set of Regression test scripts automatically, which checks for application functionality from a users perspective to make sure it meets the expected requirements. Test the flows your users followed today in your next set of tests. Ensure your most valuable use cases perform as expected with every release.

Verify Your Key User

Flows Every Time

The gold standard for quality is to assess each release against the functionality actually used by your customers and stakeholders. AIQ gives you the peace of mind that you can execute the regression test suite you require today via our unique, patented AI approach for autonomously creating the most current regression test suite, rapidly and automatically.

Automatic Regression 1
Key Capabilities

Generate Tests from

Real User Behavior

Our patented generative AI technology can learn from standard server logs to autonomously generate test cases covering all real user flows in mere minutes. AIQ’s patented test creation means that your Regression test suite is the most accurate and current possible. You can feel certain that all your high-value functionality is protected with every release.

AIQ doesn’t require any agents, plug-ins, or code injections, meaning your application’s performance won’t be bogged down by excess code and your users’ privacy will be completely protected.

  • Generates regression scripts for web and mobile apps
  • Creates 100s or 1000s of tests from production or UAT logs in just minutes
  • Covers UX- and API-level functionality and performance
  • Scripts can be created as JavaScript or Appvance TestDesigner scripts and reused elsewhere in your test regimen
  • Integrates into your DevOps pipeline


The Ultimate Test of

Functional Performance

Ensure superior customer satisfaction with real user flow coverage. Meet the demands of your rapid release cycles with ultra-fast test creation and execution.

User Centricity

Cover what your users value most in your app every time, with every release


Verify the integrity of the precise functions and flows used most


Create and execute 1000s of tests in minutes; recreate them each time - no fuss, no maintenance

Reduced Risk

By covering the actual user flows, you dramatically reduce the odds of releasing flawed code

Use Cases

Automatic Regression Testing:

the Ultimate Check

Satisfy your functional testing needs and leverage your scripts for other testing applications.

Functional Testing

Regression tests are an integral part of your functional testing toolkit.

Web Testing

Keep up with rapid changes in your websites and web apps using Automatic Regression Testing.

Mobile Testing

Bolster your mobile testing regimen to meet the high standards of your mobile users.

Custom Test Cases

Leverage your regression scripts in other test scenarios by easily adding them to your other defined test cases.

other product modules

See How AIQ’s Array of Modules

Work Together

Investigate the other powerful functionalities that come out-of-the-box, fully integrated within AIQ. Understand the power of the platform.

AI Blueprinting

AI Blueprinting is AIQ’s innovative autonomous testing that provides full Application Coverage.

Scenario Editor

Design and deploy all your test cases from AIQ’s versatile command center. Combine scripts, select data, and customize your scenarios.

Test with Precision, Delight Your Users

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