Web Testing with AIQ

Ensure the quality of your website and web app user’s experience with a 360-degree view of functionality, performance, and security with AIQ’s web testing. Get the confidence you need, even with the most rapid release cycles.

A Complete Approach to

Web Testing

AIQ empowers you to validate the quality of websites and web apps, from UI to API, as part of your continuous testing program. Launch a complete set of functional tests (integration, smoke, and regression tests) as well as performance and app pen tests using the same test assets developed in any of AIQ’s test creation modules—AI Script Generation (autonomous testing), Web Designer, Automatic Regression Testing, and Services Workbench.

Leverage the most complete solution for guaranteed quality within your web testing process. Move fast, release confidently.

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Key Capabilities

Automated Web Testing for

Every Scenario

AIQ enables you to meet all your end-to-end web application testing needs whether you need functional, integration, performance, load, or security testing capabilities. Test cross-browser compatibility easily in multi-browser execution scenarios or test website appearance on mobile platforms.

Support use cases like uploading files, validating CSS, testing drag & drop actions, or an array of other complex functions. You can even use scripts you may have written in other languages or frameworks, for maximum flexibility.

  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge
  • HTML5, AngularJS, REACT, AJAX
  • Use tests developed in Web Designer or via AI script generation
  • Execute tests in your CI/CD pipeline
  • Functional, performance and security testing
  • Support for running scripts created in other languages and frameworks

End-to-End Web Testing That

Safeguards User Experience

Capture self-healing tests for use with advanced, complex, modern web technologies using AIQ’s codeless Web Designer. Test your sites with AI-generated web tests via the exploratory AI script generation (autonomous testing) or AI-generated scripts representing real user journeys. Employ both UX and API testing and timings. Reproduce issues for easy resolution using our Instant Replay technology. Get accurate results with implicit wait times built in.

Run tests that reflect the way your users behave.

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Web Testing Benefits

Be Confident Your Web Apps

Deliver Results

AIQ automated web testing supports dynamic web apps and sites, assuring reliability and effectiveness so you can keep your business secure. Data-driven testing validates your key transactional processes.


With more errors found, performance bottlenecks identified, and fast execution, you can deploy each release with greater confidence.

DevOps Ready

Launch web and application testing automatically via integration into your CI/CD pipeline, and report failures automatically into your bug-tracking system.


Test your sites for Load & Performance as well as Functional issues with up to 3 million concurrent users.

Ease of Use

Enable every tester to create simple to robust tests with codeless options or autonomous tests, broadening your test team.

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Auto Parts Supplier

Supports Online Growth

AI-Driven Autonomous Software Testing | Appvance

AIQ enables comprehensive daily testing across multiple e-commerce platforms, with a shockingly low resource commitment.

  • Supports their daily release cycle
  • Regularly achieve more than 95% application coverage
  • Known for their reliability and responsiveness

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