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Major Insurer Dramatically Improves

Application Quality

Achieved 97% Code Coverage

Resolved Log4j vulnerability

Enabled continuous code delivery


As the number of applications grew, there were challenges with testing consistency, support resources for open source technologies, and a lack of visibility into test results.


AIQ delivered a scalable solution that integrated with their CI/CD toolset, enabled faster release cycles, provided better visibility into application health status, easy prioritization of issues, and root cause analysis.

Key Outcomes

  • Consistent automation testing control globally
  • Streamlined QE process
  • Higher code quality
  • Better customer experience


Health Agency Tests Rapidly Evolving

COVID Application


A travel application for tracking COVID quarantine compliance was being updated daily. This agency’s manual testing was unreliable and didn’t scale.


AIQ’s AI script generation replaced manual tests quickly. Test Designer supported script creation for specific test cases for this Salesforce-based application.

Key Outcomes

  • Within a week, 3,000 unique tests were being executed
  • Dozen of errors were discovered that manual testing had not identified
  • Three areas of poor performance were noted in the application
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0 x

Increase in user flows tested

0 %

Decrease in script maintenance

0 x/day

Functional, API & performance tests


Autoparts Supplier Trusts AIQ to Support

Daily Release Cycle

Appvance makes it possible for us to run our business.

Appvance makes it possible for us to run our business.


A major national auto parts distributor needed to address their QA challenge, while they geared up for tremendous business growth.


AIQ enabled comprehensive daily testing across a greatly expanded application portfolio, with a shockingly lower resource commitment. Product bugs are now unheard of, notwithstanding continuous enhancements across the portfolio.

Key Outcomes

  • Less than 2 FTEs are required to support quality efforts across 8 applications, including both web and mobile, because of AIQ’s AI-powered productivity
  • The business is known for its reliability and responsiveness

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