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Are you ready to revolutionize your testing experience?
Say hello to the all-new Desktop Designer—the game-changer in AI-powered script creation. With our innovative technology, testing desktop applications has never been easier, more exciting, or more efficient.


Create Scripts

with Ease

Forget complex programming languages. With Desktop Designer, creating scripts is as simple as point-and-shoot. No coding knowledge is required.  Test any application with confidence whether you’re testing Windows-native applications or exploring new frontiers with Citrix environment apps, our versatile platform ensures seamless performance every time.

Key Capabilities

Power-Packed Features

at Your Fingertips

Experience the full spectrum of testing capabilities with Desktop Designer, including visual accessors, OCR verifications, fallback accessors, and self-healing mechanisms.

Desktop Designer enables script recording and playback, a simpler approach to desktop testing than traditional desktop scripting. Innovative visual-recognition capabilities allows Desktop Designer to incorporate screenshots into scripts.

AI script generation (autonomous testing) for desktop testing automatically identifies locators that can be used in Desktop Designer scripts, making test creation even easier.

  • Desktop scripts can be used in combination with other Web and Mobile Designer scripts
  • Fully data-driven test approach
  • DevOps ready for CI/CD integration and results reporting
  • Compatible with Windows and Citrix environment apps
  • Navigates through AS/400 apps with ease and precision


Be Confident Your Desktop Apps

Deliver Results

AIQ’s automated desktop testing supports Windows-native applications and Citrix environment apps, assuring reliability and effectiveness so you can keep your business secure. Data-driven testing validates your key transactional processes.


With more errors found, performance bottlenecks identified, and fast execution, you can deploy each release with greater confidence.


Test your sites for Load & Performance and Functional issues with up to 3 million concurrent users.

Ease of Use

Enable every tester to create tests codelessly or have them teach our AI so it can test your entire application autonomously.

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AIQ covers all your needs, from a broad set of technologies to a complete spectrum of testing capabilities.

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Easily deploy tests for websites and web apps using all modern technologies. Perform cross-browser tests, and trigger them in your CI/CD pipeline

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Launch Performance & Load tests leveraging your Functional test scripts, maximizing your team’s productivity while ensuring the quality of your users’ experience.

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Support your modern architectures with services testing options from simple API call validations to verified accuracy of complex data structures.

case study

Major Insurer

Tests Mobile Apps

AI-Driven Autonomous Software Testing | Appvance

App performance is mission-critical in the insurance industry. This company uses AIQ for native mobile and hybrid apps to assure performance.

  • Achieved significantly faster release cycles
  • Minimized errors with 97% code coverage
  • Deployed a full range of functional, performance and load tests

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