Actionable Information, Effective Response

The best tests in the world don’t add much value without actionable data and a comprehensive understanding of errors. AIQ provides you with all the data you need so that you can act quickly, track progress, and share data across the organization.


The Reports You Want With the

Data You Need

AIQ provides a comprehensive set of reports for functional, performance, and security testing results. Your Dashboard provides access through a single view to data from high-level overviews to deep, detailed information for issue resolution.

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Key Capabilities

More than Data:

Robust Intelligence

Every test case includes a JUnit report, Instant Replay, a Script snapshot, and Trace Logs. When errors are found, a Failure Snapshot is included and the Script step where the error occurred is highlighted.

Data can be exported for further analysis or uploaded to either AWS S3 buckets or to Git for access anytime, anywhere, including by non-licensed users.

Performance trends are also charted over time for easy tracking of improvements in results.

  • Robust reporting across all test types
  • Historical data retained indefinitely for review and analysis
  • Dashboards that are shareable with your team and management
  • For AI script generation, the added intelligence of the Coverage Map report
  • Correlate results with APM data through your integration with your APM solution

Get the Facts to Support Effective

Error Resolution

Fix failures faster with Instant Replay – not just a snapshot, not just a video, but a full replay, bit by bit at the API level, that will reproduce the error including every request and every response for easy resolution.

Instant Replays are available for future review through a built-in interval service, even after code changes have been made. Teams can understand causality at any time and apply best-practices learning throughout the code.

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Reports and Analysis That

Support Results

Get the necessary and often elusive details about the errors detected in your testing program. Enable collaboration and consistency with easily shared dashboards and data export capabilities for detailed analysis.


Get a detailed view of the results of every test so you can understand where your priority issues are.


Easily track trends and fluctuations within and across teams to maximize learnings.


AIQ Reporting and Dashboards enable geographically distributed teams to leverage the same data and insights, making teamwork easier.

Ease of Use

Since no coding is required, you can broaden your automation team. And no test maintenance makes ongoing support easy too.


Full Application Coverage means you can find every error before your users do. Data-driven execution means you can validate all your critical business rules.


With more errors found, performance bottlenecks identified, and fast execution, you can deploy each release with greater confidence.

other product modules

See the Power of the

AIQ Platform

AIQ has a complete range of innovative, integrated product modules to support all your testing needs seamlessly.

Web Designer

Create codeless tests for websites & web apps, native mobile, and API testing with ease. Design tests that cover complex scenarios and use cases.

AI Script Generation (Autonomous Testing)

Supervised AI-driven exploratory script generation is AIQ’s innovative autonomous testing that provides full Application Coverage.

Get the Intelligence You Need

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