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The cornerstone of every quality program is ensuring that applications deliver on their specified functionality, whether supporting commerce, delivering entertainment, or enabling business processes. AIQ has you covered.

Cover All Your

Functional Testing Needs

Verifying functional integrity is a multi-faceted process. In order to do this effectively and efficiently, you need more than a tool—you need a platform that supports you whether you’re shifting left, shifting right, or both.

AIQ enables all your functional testing needs, from API testing to integration testing to smoke testing to end-to-end testing, all data-driven and run on-demand as part of your continuous testing program. Whether you’re testing mobile apps, websites and web apps, or your business-critical platforms, AIQ can help you get the job done.

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Key Capabilities

State-of-the-Art Features,

Actionable & Accurate Results

With advanced element-level comparisons, checksum analysis, page comparisons and virtually any checkpoint, functional and regression testing has never been faster and more complete. Capture code, images and videos of pages with errors, use the advanced Object Library to rapidly re-assign thousands of elements in hundreds of use cases when something changes in the app design. Flag a variety of errors automatically, gather crucial response times even during functional tests, and keep page snapshots (or videos) when errors occur.

  • Easily data-drive any test with your data from CSV, vast data sources, or web services, or generate synthetic test data within AIQ
  • Leverage real-world wait times without complicated set-up
  • Support testing of packaged applications, APIs and microservices, websites and web apps, and native mobile
  • Integrate into your complete DevOps toolchain
  • Run tests in series or conduct massively parallel execution for greatest time efficiency

Complex Scenarios,

Multiple Scripts

Create tests for functional testing with the AIQ Web Designer, AIQ Script Generation (autonomous testing), or AI-generated scripts representing real user journeys from log-file analysis, or import test scripts from your existing test portfolio. Leverage the AIQ test harness to run Unit Tests during development, or create complex scenarios using a variety of test scripts. Run instant Smoke Tests, particularly using AI script generation, to capture a quick read of app quality to support release go/no-go decisions.

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Robust Functional Testing at

Enterprise Scale

AIQ’s functional testing capabilities allow you to guarantee the performance of your apps, whether simple or complex.

Enterprise Scale

Test at scale and minimize execution time with parallel test execution


Your team can record scripts easily or let AI do the work for them, then deploy tests easily.


Full Application Coverage means you can find every error before your users do. Data-driven execution means you can validate all your critical business rules.


Autonomous testing delivers functional and performance tests at a rate previously unattainable, removing the test bottleneck in your DevOps process.

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AIQ Supports

AIQ’s flexible test authoring capabilities along with its advanced scenario creation allow you to support a broad set of testing needs.

Load & Performance Testing

Launch Performance & Load tests leveraging your functional test scripts, maximizing your team’s productivity while ensuring the quality of your users’ experience.

Security Testing

Test the security of your applications continuously, finding issues sooner, and removing risk from your release cycles.

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