APM Application Performance Monitoring

In the world of software applications, APM stands for Application Performance Monitoring. It’s the practice of closely monitoring the performance of your application to ensure it runs smoothly for end-users.

Introducing Synthetic


This is where Synthetic APM comes into play. Synthetic APM takes your most critical pathways, regardless of whether real users access them, and runs them at regular intervals, typically every 5-10 minutes. Even if no real user follows a particular path, Synthetic APM ensures that it’s tested regularly. If any issues arise, it immediately retests and alerts the AI ops team for investigation.

The “Synthetic” Element

The “synthetic” aspect refers to the creation of virtual users who simulate real user interactions. These virtual users run the same pathways at regular intervals, ensuring consistent testing of your application.





AIQ stands out by focusing on the resilience of its test scripts. AIQ scripts require less maintenance and continue running, no matter what changes occur in your application. AIQ deploys  self-healing techniques powered by machine learning and AI, reducing the risk of issues by nearly 100%.

Visual Accessors for Resilience

AIQ incorporates highly resilient visual accessors that identify page elements visually, such as clicking a submit button. Even if the underlying code changes or the element moves, our system recognizes it as intended, just like a human user. This guarantees a consistent and reliable performance dashboard.

Instant Replay for In-Depth Analysis

With AIQ, you get the advantage of Instant Replay.  This feature allows you to review what happens when a failure occurs, not just in video but in code as well. Engineers and operations personnel can instantly replay events in a time-sliced order, analyzing lines of code to pinpoint issues accurately.

Unmatched Power and Resilience

Our approach makes Synthetic APM 10x more powerful and resilient than anything else on the market.  Plus, it's fully cloud-based, with our team handling the setup for you. No hassle, no need for additional staff.


What Sets AIQ Apart In

The Synthetic APM Space?

Uncommon in Testing Companies

Typically, testing vendors don't offer Synthetic APM; it's mostly the domain of APM-focused companies.

Challenges with Existing Solutions

Ensures that all components work together seamlessly, resulting in a smoother user experience.

Insights You Can Trust

With highly resilient testing, minimal false positives or negatives, visual accessors, and in-depth code analysis, AIQ offers unmatched confidence in your application's performance. You can even review the precise code that didn't work, even if it only failed a few times in a row. While APM tells you what happened a minute ago, Synthetic APM tells you what WILL happen to your users a minute from now. It's the proactive approach to ensuring a seamless user experience.

Experience The Power of Synthetic APM

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