Protect Your Critical Business Apps

Business critical Cloud-enabled apps run your business. Ensure that updates and upgrades don’t upset your critical internal processes. Use AIQ to keep things up and running.

AIQ Makes Testing

Testing Packaged Apps Easier

Testing multi-cloud packaged applications can be a major challenge for teams and for the automation tools they use. Keeping up with rapid development and frequent system updates when there are dynamic elements, iFrames, a heavy DOM structure, and hidden element identifiers makes the process complex and difficult.

Using AIQ can remove some of the pressure on QA teams and bring measurable benefits to product delivery.

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Key Capabilities

Resilient Tests,

A Unique Visual Approach

Both AIQ Test Designer and AI Script Generation (Autonomous Testing) support testing complex platforms including SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Oracle, as well as apps built using these frameworks. AIQ is built to deal with the dynamic nature of these platforms—our Click by Image technology mimics human interactions so that automated tests can adjust to the changeability of the code underlying the UIs.

Although these dynamic UI elements typically make reliable identification of test accessors difficult, AIQ’s approach makes creation of resilient tests possible.

  • Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics testing
  • Cross-browser execution
  • Deploy Test Designer or AI Blueprint tests
  • Fully DevOps ready

AIQ Salesforce Accelerator Pack

Streamlines Set-up

Our Salesforce Accelerator pack for AIQ is specifically designed for testing Salesforce implementations and apps built using Salesforce’s low-code app creation capabilities. It makes setting up your Salesforce testing simpler and easier.

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Protect the Operability of Your

Cloud-Based Apps

If your Cloud-based platforms are down, your business is too. Get the testing performance you need with AIQ to keep your systems running so your business runs too.


Ensure your data and processes are working accurately.

Reduced Risk

Avoid downtime, inaccurate data, and more, so operations are smooth.


Teams can create tests faster and reduce the time spent on maintenance because of AIQ’s unique test creation technology.

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Check Out Our Other


AIQ’s flexible test authoring capabilities along with its advanced scenario creation allow you to support a broad set of testing needs.

Functional Testing

Cover the full range of your functional testing needs: API, integration, smoke, regression, and end-to-end tests all created and executed in one powerful platform.

Services Testing

Most apps today leverage microservices architectures. Deploy the testing you need using AIQ’s powerful Services testing capabilities.

Load & Performance Testing

Launch Performance & Load tests leveraging your Functional test scripts, maximizing your team’s productivity while ensuring the quality of your users’ experience.

case study

Rapid Change

Spurs Demand for AIQ

AI-Driven Autonomous Software Testing | Appvance

A government healthcare agency struggled to maintain the quality of a rapidly evolving Salesforce-based app before AIQ.

  • Daily app changes in response to rapid changes in COVID rules made typical testing approaches untenable
  • AI Script Generation + the AIQ Salesforce Accelerator pack immediately led to increased coverage and reduced risk
  • Comprehensive diagnostics allowed the team to respond immediately to any bugs or issues encountered

See How AIQ Supports Your Business

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