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Supervised AI-driven exploratory script generation—autonomous testing— revolutionizes software quality. It provides a breakthrough in productivity by autonomously creating and executing new scripts on each run, exercising your complete application to ensure quality.


Autonomous Testing

Supervised AI-driven exploratory script generation (autonomous testing) designs, executes, and reports on application tests. It combines your business rules, drawn from your team’s detailed application and domain knowledge, with thousands of hours of training and advanced models built into the platform to deliver a unique expert system.

AI script generation covers all the possible user journeys through your app each time it’s run, exploring new code and functionality, as well as verifying that existing paths still perform as expected. And because it writes its test anew on each execution, test maintenance is eliminated from your team’s workload.

Key Capabilities

AI Creates the Scripts

So You Don’t Have To

AI script generation (autonomous testing) launches an array of machine-learning (ML)-powered AI on your application. This freakishly smart AI explores every discernible path through the application, creating use cases as they go. When they reach the conclusion of a path, they refresh and start again from the beginning, exploring different routes until every use case is mapped, every possible action has been taken, and every test case is created. Their superhuman intelligence is powered by over half a dozen patented ML and math methods.

  • Leverages advanced AI and generates scripts which can provide application coverage and visibility up to 10X more than traditional human written scripts
  • Generates both UX- and API-level scripts
  • Is DevOps ready and integrates with all popular CI/CD tools 
  • Supports Web, mobile, and packaged applications, including low-code apps built on top of packaged apps
  • With AI-training, performs autonomous validations and focuses on the areas of your application with the greatest business value
  • Identifies both functional errors and performance bottlenecks

Actionable Data Delivered in a

Unique Visual Map

The AI Blueprint Coverage Map provides you with a complete view of your application’s health, presenting all the paths taken by the blueprint through your application. It shows you immediately if the AI is deeply penetrating the critical application jourenys, as well as highlighting areas of greatest defect density. It also delivers detailed diagnostic data on each issue identified, enabling fast and accurate issue resolution. 

Compare each new Blueprint with a base case Blueprint to understand the differences between builds at the request level.


Transformative QA for

Digital Transformation

Autonomous testing delivers benefits that other test automation solutions can’t. Its superhuman intelligence and speed mean that you’ll realize a level of performance that’s never been achievable before.


Autonomous testing delivers functional and performance tests at a rate previously unattainable, removing the test bottleneck in your DevOps process.


Get an overall view of app health AND detailed diagnostic data to instantly understand the status of your apps with every iteration.


Provides rapid feedback to developers to make code fixes and adjustments based on Soak testing results. Can automatically feed into go/no-go release decisions.

Ease of Use

Since no coding is required, you can broaden your automation team. And no test maintenance makes ongoing support easy too.


Full Application Coverage means you can find every error before your users do. Data-driven execution means you can validate all your critical business rules.


With more errors found, performance bottlenecks identified, and fast execution, you can deploy each release with greater confidence.

Use Cases

AI-Driven Script Generation (autonomous testing) Supports an

Array of Testing Needs

The speed, coverage, and completeness of autonomous testing helps you cover a robust set of testing requirements.

Instant Smoke Testing

Use AI script generations for smoke testing to support your go/no-go release decision process. Instantly identify and resolve critical issues to stay on schedule.

Web Testing

AI script generation is ideal for the rapid pace of change that many web apps and websites undergo, especially those supporting transactions and e-commerce.

Mobile Testing

The integrated performance diagnostics that AI script generation provides strengthen your app testing, where slow responses could mean lost customers.

Integration Testing

Because AI script generation creates API-level scripts, not just UX tests, you’ll have insights to your full, integrated application performance.

other product modules

See How AI Script Generation Works in Concert with Other

AIQ Modules

AI script generation (autonomous testing) is a great complement to human-designed test cases covering high-value user journeys. And its functionality can be extended into AI-generated scripts based on real user journeys in production or other environments and use them to test your next build.

Web Designer

Create codeless tests for websites & web apps, native mobile, and API testing with ease. Design tests that cover complex scenarios and use cases.

Real User Journeys

Combine your AI-generated script with application logs to automatically create your test cases based on actual user behavior.

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