Your Most Complex Services Testing Needs Met

Services Workbench is a special development environment where complex API-testing problems are solved. Meet the testing needs of even your most complex microservices architectures accurately.


Advanced Test Creation for

Modern Architectures

Today’s applications frequently employ a microservices architecture. To ensure that the overall user experience is accurate, particularly when a complex set of data and interactions occurs, you need a way to test the results of each and every call and response. Services Workbench provides you the capability to do just that. Its extensive library of pre-programmed functions supports your team in meeting the most complex testing requirements.

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Key Capabilities

Complex Actions Require

Detailed Tests

Services Workbench is a JavaScript coding environment that allows teams with coding skills to develop tests for complex services or strings of services as well as IoT, database calls and backend services. It supports complex data handling and manipulation for verifying the accuracy of critical business processes.

In Services Workbench, you can create tests that wrap API calls with the ability to fully simulate how they will be used in the application. You can perform a range of actions, from downloading a file and inspecting its contents to string manipulation.

  • Extensive method support with over 200 pre-programmed functions
  • Supports testing of multi-level data sets (Cartesian data tables)
  • Includes OCR and image support capabilities
  • Creates Functional and Performance tests
  • REST and SOAP formats supported
  • Integrates with AWS S3 buckets to upload data and with your CI/CD pipeline

Dynamic and Robust for

Critical Process Flows

Services Workbench supports the testing of highly dynamic APIs, beyond the capabilities of other tools available today. It can dynamically generate payload data enabling even the most advanced and sophisticated APIs to be driven. It can even pre- or post-edit data in the payload from one API call with data from a second API call, and format it specifically for use by a third API call, all enabled by autocorrelation.

Services Workbench’s advanced capabilities are available as an add-on to your AIQ Platform license.

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Testing for Your Business

Critical Integrations

Services Workbench is the high power environment for ensuring your most data-driven processes work correctly, every time.


Get absolute confidence that complex data handling or multi-step processes return the right response.

Reduced Risk

Reduce the risk of unexpected or hard-to-predict errors.


Cover massive datasets or distributed systems with testing that meets your complex needs.

Use Cases

Meet the Full Spectrum of Your

Services Testing Needs

Use your advanced API and microservices tests in combination with your other test scripts for maintaining end-to-end functionality and performance with confidence.

Functional Testing

Execute your services tests in isolation or as part of a more detailed test scenario to ensure that your functional requirements are met.

Performance Testing

Ensuring that API calls return a response within a reasonable time frame is nearly as important as returning the appropriate information. Understand their performance in stand-alone tests or as part of a Performance test scenario.

Web Testing

Web apps and sites are often front-ends to a network of microservices calls. Ensure their experience in Web testing scenarios that include API Web Designer or Services Workbench scripts.

Mobile Testing

Users have even higher expectations for Mobile app accuracy and responsiveness. Guarantee that they meet users’ needs in complex mobile scenarios including API tests.

other product modules

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AIQ Platform

AIQ has a complete range of innovative, integrated product modules to support all your testing needs seamlessly.

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