High-Quality Mobile App Testing

Mobile app users have higher expectations for their experience than users of websites and apps, so you have to be sure your iOS and Android apps perform—with accurate functional value and fast responses. AIQ can help you get there with automated  mobile app testing.

Powerful and Effective

Mobile App Testing

Mobile Designer, AIQ’s test design technology for native mobile apps, allows dev teams to take a mobile-first approach with their testing to meet their customers’ mobile-first mindset. Its innovative approach to recognizing and defining element accessors overcomes the limitations of other approaches, giving AIQ a more robust technical approach.

AI Script Generation (autonomous testing) + AI-generated scripts representing real user journeys for mobile means teams can also leverage AIQ’s cutting-edge autonomous testing approach.

Autonomous Mobile Testing Dashboard
Autonomous Mobile Testing Dashboard
Key Capabilities

An Advanced Approach for

More Resilient Mobile Tests

AIQ provides automated testing for native mobile, mobile web, and hybrid apps in iOS and Android. It covers all your test needs, including functional, API, performance, and load tests to ensure your users have an optimal experience.

Mobile Designer enables script recording and playback, a simpler approach to mobile test design than traditional mobile scripting. Innovative visual-recognition capabilities allows Mobile Designer to incorporate screenshots into scripts.

AI script generation (autonomous testing) for mobile app testing automatically identifies locators which can then be used in Mobile Designer scripts, making test creation even easier.

  • Mobile scripts can be used in combination with other Web Designer scripts
  • Fully data-driven test approach
  • DevOps ready for CI/CD integration and results reporting
  • Integrated with multiple cloud services: BrowserStack, SauceLabs, ExperiTest, and AWS Device Farm
  • Screen timing accurate to +/- 15 ms

Benefits of Autonomous Mobile App Testing

Mobile Testing Can Be Tough,

AIQ Makes It Easy

Record tests easily or leverage autonomous tests to deploy a robust, fast, accurate mobile testing program.


Get precise mobile timings to +/- 15 ms. Leverage mobile blueprinting for near complete Application Coverage ensuring every issue is identified.


AIQ helps teams move significantly faster with mobile testing and reduce the burden of maintenance to get more done.

User Centricity

Deliver apps that perform the way your users want—fast and accurate.

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AIQ covers all your needs, from a broad set of technologies to a complete spectrum of testing capabilities.

Web Testing

Easily deploy tests for websites and web apps using all modern technologies. Perform cross-browser tests, and trigger them in your CI/CD pipeline

Load & Performance Testing

Launch Performance & Load tests leveraging your Functional test scripts, maximizing your team’s productivity while ensuring the quality of your users’ experience.

Microservices Testing

Support your modern architectures with services testing options from simple API call validations to verified accuracy of complex data structures.

case study

Major Insurer

Tests Mobile Apps

AI-Driven Autonomous Software Testing | Appvance

App performance is mission-critical in the insurance industry. This company uses AIQ for native mobile and hybrid apps to assure performance.

  • Achieved significantly faster release cycles
  • Minimized errors with 97% code coverage
  • Deployed a full range of functional, performance and load tests

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