Services Testing for Every Scenario

AIQ provides testing capabilities for all your services and integrations, from basic API calls to complex multi-layer data manipulations. Support your modern, complex architectures with the testing capabilities you need.


Microservices Testing

As today’s Agile development organizations look to move more nimbly, shift-left testing has become one of the fastest-growing techniques for finding bugs earlier in the testing cycle and ensuring quality. But when it comes to testing API calls and integrations, some shift-left tests fall into the void between the unit testing performed by the dev team, and the end-to-end testing and skill sets of the quality team.

Enable your team to create and run the tests you need to accurately support your business.

Key Capabilities

Robust Capabilities Covering All Your

Services Testing Needs

AIQ provides two methods for creating services-specific tests: its easy-to-use, codeless API Web Designer and its add-on module, Services Workbench. Scripts created in Web & Mobile Test Designer and by AI script generation (autonomous testing) include API-level interactions. This flexible and comprehensive approach means you can be sure each service call within your apps is being returned appropriately and accurately.

  • Run Functional, Debugging and Performance tests
  • Test everything from simple API calls to complex nested data structures
  • REST and SOAP
  • Great for IoT simulation
  • Easy to organize and launch tests via CI/CD

Simple or Complex

Test Scenarios

Run services tests individually to support your Integration Testing requirements, or include them in complex test case scenarios to ensure that data-intensive business flows are completed accurately every time, from end-to-end. Use Scenario Editor to mix and match services tests with other scripts, or specify validations and data requirements.



Test Early and Deeply with

Services Testing

As systems and architectures become more distributed and complex, robust microservices testing is essential for business performance.


Validate that data is moved and processed with precision, and that triggered actions occur as intended.


Diagnose hard-to-identify errors in complex business processes and distributed systems.

DevOps Ready

Easily organize and launch tests from your CI/CD pipeline

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AIQ provides a full suite of capabilities to meet all your testing needs.

Web Testing

Easily deploy tests for websites and web apps using all modern technologies. Perform cross-browser tests, and trigger them in your CI/CD pipeline.

Mobile Testing

Meet the high expectations of mobile users by guaranteeing quality and performance.

Packaged Apps Testing

Test your Cloud-based packaged apps with ease. Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, and more.

case study

Healthcare Innovator

Processes Complex Data

AI-Driven Autonomous Software Testing | Appvance

This healthcare company has developed a disruptive solution for an advanced claims processing system.

  • Have increased the velocity of their product release cycle
  • Support regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Improved productivity across the entire team

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